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Past Speakers

Dr Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership is a Contact Sport

Kevin Gaskell

Creating Geniuses Out Of People

Hsieh Tsun-Yan

Humble Leaders, Courageous Followers

Yoshioka Tatsuya

No Borders, No Barriers

Dr Michio Kaku

The Future of the Mind

Prof Gordon Hewitt

Competing on New Frontiers

Bernard Harrison

Out of the Box

Scott Anthony

Tips for Transformation

Prof Clayton Christensen

Disruptive Innovation

Dr Gary Hamel

Management 2.0

Prof John Kao

Entrepreneurship - The Next Wave

Dr John Naisbit

Mindsets to See the Future

Prof Howard Gardner

What Every Leader Should Know

Dr Kenichi Ohmae

The Borderless World

Prof Michael Porter

Competitive Advantage

Malcolm Gladwell

Human Capitalisation Challenge

Dr Vijay Govindarajan

Reverse Innovation

Dr Ram Charan

Leadership in the Raging Economic Cyclone

Dr Rosabeth Kanter

Challenges of Management

Rob Lilwall

Attitudes of Adventure

Patrick Teng

Redesigning the Future of Finance

Ng Chee Soon

Leading the Audio World

Moe Ibrahim

My Journeyful Life

Mohamed Ismail