Programme (Day 1 & 2)

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  • Day 1 (Package A)

    September 20

  • The world competitiveness landscape implies new attitudes and new approaches to managing people. Crises are periods that reveal strength of character.

    It is not only being good at "what you do" that counts, but also being good at "what you are". Winners will need to deal with more uncertainty and a higher degree of discomfort. They should nurture a healthy sense of ambition for their organization and themselves. Resilience and the ability to quickly re-invent oneself are key objectives.

    Companies need to stimulate a mind-set of imagination (why not?), of energy (why not now) and of commitment (why not me). Finally, companies are increasingly questioned about their contribution to society, beyond their financial results. The “legality” of the actions of companies - conforming to the law - is no longer enough in a world where public opinion also demands "legitimacy" - conforming to a higher standard. In such a world, companies will need to answer the broader question: why us?

  • Day 2 (Package B)

    September 21

  • Prof Stephane Garelli - a world authority on competitiveness - has pioneered research and the theory in this field. He is Professor Emeritus at IMD (Institute of Management Development) Lausanne, where he has founded the World Competitiveness Center. He is also Professor Emeritus of World Competitiveness at the University of Lausanne. He will share his insights and views on the current economic and competitive landscape and what lies beyond this year and 2019 as countries and organisations face threats and opportunities that the future brings.

    Key Takeaways
    • Current global competitive landscape
    • Why competition matters
    • What countries, companies and individuals can do to be competitive
    • How the fourth industrial revolution will shape the future

  • With inspiring journeys across the globe, Ben Hammersley has become one of the world leaders in identifying future technological trends.

    Ben looks at the future of man versus the machine world through multidimensional lens. He connects innovation with performance psychology, life skills and professional development techniques.

    How can CEOs, managers and employees prepare for the future of innovation? Ben explains that you need to be PRESENT now to be PREPARED for the future.

    Through small moments of attachment, you learn to authentically connect action to awareness. When applied to your business’s current, and available technologies, Ben’s presentation will enable each attendee to transform into a highly functioning employee for the future. Ben guides attendees on discovering the perspectives needed to create organisational change through purpose by delivering practical tools that each team member can implement today.

    As the first Internet reporter for The Times (of London), to his current position as the Editor-at-Large of UK’s WIRED magazine, Ben has been called upon to advise three governments in the areas of technology and media. He is a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts and the Royal Geographical Society.

    His personal experiences from aviation, emergency medicine, and war reporting, has enabled Ben to deliver insightful, practice-changing keynotes and training to corporations on five continents for over two decades.

    Key Takeaways
    • Roles of human and robots in the future
    • Future of jobs
    • What innovation means in the future
    • How do we prepare for the future

  • Dato’ Sri Idris Jala is a renowned transformation guru who turns around companies’ performance through his big, fast, result-oriented methodology.

    His transformational strategies are innovative, rigorous and relevant. He has continuously delivered sustainable socio-economic reforms which, in 2014, saw Bloomberg place Idris Jala among the top 10 most influential policy makers in the world.

    He will share the six secrets of transformational leadership that he has developed over the years as a turnaround specialist and as a Minister in the Malaysian Prime Minister's Department. He will share how one can play the game of the impossible, use key performance indicators (KPIs) as anchors, have discipline of action, exercise situational leadership, build a winning coalition and to accept ‘divine’ intervention.

    Key Takeaways
    • What are the ingredients to transformation?
    • How to drive change individually and collectively
    • Role of a leader in driving transformation and change

  • Jack Lim is the Chief Commercial Officer of ONE Championship. He is responsible for uniting and leading all of ONE Championship’s revenue streams as well as forging strategic partnerships and shaping the commercial ecosystem for Asia’s largest global sports media property.

    He will share how ONE Championship is on its way to becoming the first billion dollar global sports media property in Asia, on par with organisations such as the NFL, NBA, EPL, and F1, among others.

    ONE Championship is a celebration of Asia's greatest cultural treasure - martial arts, and its inspiring superheroes that represent great Asian nations. It is built on deep-rooted Asian core values of integrity, humility, honour, respect, courage, discipline, and compassion.

    It is no secret that Asia is home to the best martial artists on the planet and ONE’s mission is to unleash these real-life superheroes who ignite the world with hope, dreams, inspiration and strength.

    With that formula, ONE Championship has become the largest global sports media property in history, achieved some of the highest TV ratings and social media engagement metrics in Asia with its unique brand of Asian values, and world-class production with a global broadcast reach to 1.7 billion potential viewers across 136 countries.

    Key Takeaways
    • Learn how ONE is on its way to becoming the first billion dollar sports media property in Asia
    • Discover ONE’s inspiring culture to be a on top of the business world
    • Be empowered by stories of real-life superheroes who ignite the world with hope, dreams, inspiration and strength

  • Nat Geo Adventurer, Rob Lilwall, will share gripping stories from his expeditions across the world by bicycle and on foot, through extreme places such as Siberia, Papua New Guinea and China's Desert of Death.

    Rob admits he is not a particularly strong or brave person, but by practising the attitudes of adventure, he has been able to persevere, overcome his fears, develop resilience, learn new skills, and collaborate effectively to achieve his goals (and even have some fun amidst the hardship).

    Relating this to business, Rob notes that on the inside, most people's life experiences are rather similar to being on an expedition - full of good times, tough times, scary times, stressful times and times of opportunity. What allows us to succeed in the long run is not just our IQ or our qualifications, but a good core attitude - something we all get to choose for ourselves.

    This invigorating session will entertain, engage and equip you to live more adventurously, and more whole heartedly.

    Key Takeaways
    • Gaining focus in a distracted world
    • Growing courage in a fearful world
    • Developing resilience in a high-pressure world
    • Nurturing a collaborative mindset in a competitive world