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Q. What is the Singapore Management Festival?

Tapping on Great Minds and a Good Conversation.

Each year, we have a theme to orient our keynotes and unify the subjects that allow us to better understand management trends and transformations that are impacting our businesses deeply. Over the past three years, our annual theme focused on how leaders could chart the winds of change in this hyper-connected world to deliver and sustain breakthrough performances. New Mindsets for a New World (2015) highlighted Trust, Talent and Trends; Leaders of the Future (2016) expounded the importance of having Passion, Purpose and Performance and Small is the New Big (2017) leveraged on having Courage, Culture and being Influential in our own way.

SMF aims to spark thoughts and conversations which inspire us to make a change and create a difference in our communities and businesses around the world.

It is designed to reengineer perception and recalibrate ability to achieve high personal and organizational outcome.

Q. Where will it be held?

SMF 2018 will be held from 20 - 21 September at the SIM Performing Arts Theatre – A State-of-the-art presentation facility to host conferences and symposia.

It is located in SIM's campus at 461 Clementi Road, Singapore 599491.

Q. What is the dress code for the seminar?

Business casual or smart casual.

Q. What is included in my registration?

A PDF ticket will be sent to you via email (Confirmation Letter).

Q. Is there a conference app?

This year, we will be using Pigeonhole to take your questions and views you may have on the topics discussed. There will be instructions given at the start of the conference on how to sign-up. Thank you.

Q. I've bought the ticket but am not able to attend, what can I do?

You can allocate the ticket to another person/party. Kindly inform us of the information of the new participant by emailing us at three weeks before the day of the seminar you signed up for.

Q. Where can I find the seminar schedule?

Q. What is the check-in for?

When arriving to the seminar, you will receive your name badge at the check-in counter which ensures you have access to the seminar area.

Q. What should I bring along to the seminar?

Please bring along your festival pass, personal identification and business cards with you. We will provide you with a notepad and pen for taking notes and a name badge for networking purposes.

Q. Can I share my event pass?

No, sharing of passes is not allowed. Each pass cannot be transferred after it has been issued (unless unable to attend as stated above).